The University of Sunderland is welcoming individuals who are influencing the future of healthcare professionals and the next generation of doctors in the region.

The University works closely with the local community to help talented students from a diverse range of backgrounds become health professionals, widening access to medicine and ensuring the profession reflects the population it serves.

The University’s School of Medicine provides a huge boost to the region, with thousands of NHS patients benefiting from Sunderland-trained medical talent for years to come. The University also has an outstanding track record of training a wide range of healthcare professionals for the NE.

The strength of our programmes was recently highlighted in the Guardian University Guide 2024, which placed our Medicine courses in the top 20 in the UK, Pharmacy and Pharmacology courses 6th in the UK, and our Anatomy and Physiology courses in the UK’s top 20.

To showcase how the University can support career ambitions in areas such as medicine, healthcare, pharmacy and sciences, a ‘Teachers and Advisers’ event has been organised on September 28th (4.30pm – 7.15pm).

This event is funded by NHS England education as part of their workforce development agenda and is designed to update on the range of medicine, health and related professions that form the NHS.

The event is open to teachers from local schools and colleges, as well as careers leaders and advisers. This will be held on campus at the University of Sunderland, with tours of the health facilities and talks on courses on

offer. Academics can also offer bespoke advice to teachers and advisers on specific issues they may face in their school or college

Dr Tim Paget, one of the event organisers, is passionate about training students to become the healthcare professionals of the future and for the region.

He says: “The recent NHS long-term workforce plan, outlined by the Government over the summer, is designed to make the best use of new technology alongside the biggest recruitment drive in the history of the health service. As a result of this plan, the coming years represent an unparalleled opportunity for students to enter a technology-enhanced workforce designed to better meet the changing needs of patients.”

This is the second time the University has hosted this open event, after the success of the first one, which welcomed representatives from schools and colleges across the north-east to the inaugural conference.

Delegates will have the chance to visit our state-of-the-art training facilities and then have the opportunity to talk and network with the staff delivering the health care courses that run at Sunderland.

Several delegates who attended last year commented on how impressed they were with the level of student support offered:

“The biggest takeaway for me was just how nurturing an environment Sunderland is and how individual students are catered for. It became apparent from the breakout sessions how much the academic staff care about supporting students to achieve. The idea of lecturers being facilitators and colleagues in learning was very apparent.”

All were impressed with the faculty tours, with 100% saying they would recommend the faculty to their students.

For more information, or to register your interest, click here.

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