Unveiling 'Your Lifejoy Year 2': Dr. Rebecca Williams Dinsdale's Guide to Daily Positivity
Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale

Sunderland’s esteemed author and motivational mentor, Dr. Rebecca Williams Dinsdale, has unveiled her eagerly awaited fifth literary masterpiece titled “Your Lifejoy Year 2 ~ Hopeful Reflections for Each Day.”

In this latest addition to her collection, Dr Rebecca continues her mission to spread positivity, resilience, and joy through insightful daily readings.

Penshaw-based Dr. Rebecca, known for her previous books such as “Lifejoy: Your Manual for Resilient Living” and “Lifejoy Journal: An Adventure to Hope, Harmony, and Happiness” draws from her personal experiences and observations of life’s challenges and triumphs. She credits a lot of her positivity and ‘can do’ attitude to her Grandmother who ran a Mission Hospital in 1930’s Manchuria at a time when women were ‘seen and not heard’ and her book “Inspiring Ivy” highlights this remarkable woman’s life of courage, love, and resilience.

Just like the positivity and influence passed from Ivy to her granddaughter Dr Rebecca, her latest book reflects her dedication to providing readers with a source of inspiration and strength for navigating life’s journey no matter what difficulties may exist or be ahead.

At 17, Rebecca suffered Glandular Fever, marking the onset of severe M.E., a condition that rendered her physically incapacitated. This affliction persisted for over two decades, leading to extended periods of confinement to bed, home, or hospital. Even today, she contends with the lingering effects of M.E., which constrain her physical activities. Nonetheless, she managed to attain her Degree, Masters, and Doctorate, emerging as an accomplished author. Additionally, she extends support to others by providing coaching and counselling sessions, aiding them in converting burnout into a balanced life with blessings.

“Experiencing any challenge in life can be used to impart resilience, cultivates inner strength, and foster gratitude for the good aspects of life we possess. Regardless of the specific challenges we face, there are countless individuals enduring greater hardships who would willingly exchange places with us. It’s a matter of perspective and how you approach life, and my books are valuable resources that guide you in discovering coping strategies to navigate through challenging days. I hope that the reader will gain both hope and help from my work. There has to a loving purpose from all those decades of struggle, “said Dr Rebecca.

Dr. Rebecca’s books are not just readings; they are companions that accompany readers through the ups and downs of life. Her themes, curated month by month, cover aspects like truth, trust, contentment, care, courage, and wonder, offering a diverse range of insights. They offer a powerhouse of help and a piece of calm in a world of chaos.

“I have personally found researching and writing the books to be therapeutic and an example of true self-care. I hope that the reader will benefit from the book which is like having a chat with your best friend every day. It’s there to help people be braver, wiser, and more joyous in what can be a difficult world to live in. I have a lot of readers who buy it for their mams, sisters, and best friends. Being part of those connections is a great blessing to me.” she added.

“Your Lifejoy Year 2 ~ Hopeful Thoughts for Each Day” is available from Dr Rebecca’s official website www.drrebecca.org.uk where exclusive treats await buyers.

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