Sunderland stands out as a finalist in the highly regarded ‘City Award’ category at the forthcoming World Smart City Awards 2023.

Among 411 exceptional submissions from 63 countries around the world, Sunderland is proudly among the exclusive group of only six cities competing for the prestigious City Award.

Recognising and supporting innovative city strategies, projects and ideas, these internationally acclaimed awards focus on each smart city’s measurable impact on residents’ lives and evidence that initiatives are turning cities into better places to live, work, play and invest.

The World Smart City Awards recognise cities that lead the way in embracing innovation and technology to build a better future. Being named a finalist is an acknowledgement of Sunderland’s commitment to creating a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive city.

Liz St Louis, director of smart cities and enabling services at Sunderland City Council, said: “This recognition underlines our city’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence in urban development.

“Working in partnership with Boldyn Networks, we are creating the UK’s smartest city right here in Sunderland. Advanced wireless technologies are facilitating digital transformation for our residents, businesses and visitors, leaving no one and nowhere behind.

“Sunderland’s Smart City Programme team and our Boldyn Networks colleagues are so proud to be a part of this prestigious event, where we will have the opportunity to showcase our achievements and learn from other leading cities in the field of smart urban development.”

The City Award celebrates cities with a global strategy combining innovation, collaboration, inclusion and sustainability initiatives.

Claire Venners, general manager at Boldyn Networks North, added: “This recognition acknowledges the diligent efforts and remarkable initiatives undertaken across Sunderland to improve the quality of life for residents and create a forward-thinking, technologically advanced urban environment in which businesses can prosper.

“Sunderland’s selection as a finalist in this esteemed competition demonstrates the city council’s dedication to harnessing the power of technology and data to create a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable community.

“Boldyn Networks is excited to continue its journey, alongside Sunderland City Council, towards becoming a global benchmark for smart cities, and we look forward to sharing our experiences, insights and innovations with the world at this distinguished event.”

Winners will be announced in front of a large, global audience of smart city professionals as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress on 8th November 2023 in Barcelona.

You can see the full shortlist here for all categories in the World Smart City Awards 2023.

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