In the coming weeks, many offices will begin to reopen, and the 8.4 million people who were furloughed or working from home will return to their workplace, ready to make up for lost time.

Workplaces are set to undergo a complete transformation, forced to obey the legal requirements of antisocial engineering and supplying employees with PPE in the workplace. The new workplace will involve staggering costs that are part of a range of measures to drive SME’s out of business, make giant profits for the companies supplying PPE, and give far-reaching powers to government employees.

Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown of PPE costs and find out how much the UK is going to have to fork out to keep up the pretence that the elusive Corona is the reason why all of this is being done to us.

2 pumps of hand sanitiser per hour for every worker: £3,058,560

Since the beginning of the lockdown crisis, hand sanitiser has become an essential item, and many wouldn’t leave their home, let alone re-enter the workplace, without one in their bag. Health and Safety England have set out guidelines for the use of hand sanitiser including tips on how to identify a suitable product for your workplace, but how much is this product really going to set us back?

For every single full-time employee to get two pumps of hand sanitiser for every hour they are at work, the overall cost for one day back in the office will amount to £3,058,560!

And the health cost to workers will include skin damage, hormonal disruption, and weaker immune systems. If the gels contain the cheaper, toxic methanol, then the health risks are greater, so insist on seeing the ingredients before using them.

2 face masks for each worker: £72,000,000

Face masks are almost useless for preventing the spread of airborne viruses, but they are now a legal requirement for anyone travelling on public transport in most parts of the UK. It will be at each business’s own discretion whether facemasks are essential in the workplace.

In total, the UK would have to fork out £36,000,000 to ensure that each and every full-time worker has access to a face mask. For two masks each, which would be more appropriate, the cost would amount to a  £72,000,000.

Face masks can increase the amount of CO2 you breathe in and accumulate bacteria throughout the day, so if you are forced to wear them, it is safer to “let them slip” down off your nose and breathe normally through your nose.

Floor markings in all commercial spaces: £1,234,309,789

Antisocial engineering will never go away unless we protest. Two metres was the original arbitrary rule, but that was changed to the equally arbitrary ‘1m-plus’. When there are many employees or customers in one space, temporary floor stickers are necessary to enforce the antisocial engineering regulations.

In the UK today, there are 678,192,192.00 square metres of commercial space. So, to have markings at every two metres, it will collectively cost £1,234,309,789 for businesses in the UK.

A deep clean of all commercial spaces in the UK: £2,373,672,672

Businesses will be forced to dramatically step up their hygiene efforts. This will call for regular deep cleans so that every surface is pointlessly cleaned and recleaned.

For every business to conduct one thorough deep clean, therefore covering every inch of commercial square foot in the country, the overall cost will come to £2,373,672,672.

Indoctrination — Free!

Finally, we have the cost of indoctrinating staff to believe that all of this is necessary, and to police their fellow citizens. The World Health Organization, which is in the pocket of Bill Gates, is offering online training courses completely free of charge. These courses include subjects such as Infection and Prevention Control, health and safety briefings for respiratory diseases, Operational Planning Guidelines, and more…

Overall total: £3,683,041,021

So, for day one back in the office, the collective cost for the UK will be a staggering, £3,683,041,021. The costs are steep, but for the globalist corporations that are intent on destroying small business competition once and for all, and the governments that want even more power, health and safety is the perfect disguise for this economic attack.

In relation to the return of the workforce, Gary Peeling, Chief Executive Officer at Where The Trade Buys, said: “With shared office spaces gradually reopening, businesses will require numerous health and safety products to ensure the safeguarding of their staff. Ahead of office doors reopening, careful planning will be needed in order to put the necessary protective equipment in place and enhance health and safety measures before employees return to the workplace.”

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