The City of Sunderland is currently undergoing a dynamic renaissance, with a particular focus on the thriving music scene.

One noteworthy example of this revitalization is the emergence of the punk band Slalom D, who are capturing the city’s attention with their electrifying talent.

Hailing from Sunderland and named after a now-defunct brand of strong lager infamous amongst local punks, the band formed in 2018, and project a forward-looking punk sound, combining innovative melodies, raw power, and a fearless exploration of contemporary social issues.

The band consists of talented members who contribute their unique musical skills to the group’s dynamic sound. Fiona Duncan leads with captivating vocals, while Andrew Scobie adds depth with keyboards and backing vocals. Tony Lindstedt drives the rhythm on bass guitar, also contributing backing vocals, alongside Gary Roberts on guitar and backing vocals. Iain Murray holds it all together with his skilful drumming.

The band was previously fronted by Craig Macbeth who sadly passed away in 2019. Long-time friend of Craig, Fiona stepped up to the mark as vocalist despite never having performed before and her dedication to not only Craig’s memory but to the band’s future shines with every live performance and studio track.

In 2022, Slalom D joined forces with Serial Bowl Records, the renowned Sunderland-based DIY punk collective. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the band as they eagerly anticipate collaborative development with Serial Bowl, particularly in the areas of album production and promotion. Their much-anticipated album, “Waltz into Anarchy,” is set for release in Autumn 2023. Produced by Phil Jackson at The Bunker Studio in Sunderland, the album will be available in CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette formats from August 2023.

Slalom D’s discography is a testament to their musical evolution. Their singles include “Jerusalem/Dead River” (2018), “No Pasaran/Pressure/Chelsea Bonfire” (2019), and “Final Girl/Step Out of Line/Final Girl Alicia remix” (2020). Their album “Happy Skies” (2021) showcases their unique sound and serves as a prelude to their forthcoming release, “Waltz into Anarchy,” under the label Serial Bowl Records.

Slalom D has already achieved notable acclaim, gaining exposure through various platforms. In 2018, their track “Jerusalem” won the Radio Northumberland New Wave with Newman Song of the Year Award. They further solidified their presence in 2021, supporting The Rezillos at The Cluny in Newcastle. The band’s talent also earned them a spot at North East Calling in 2022 and they later supported the UK Subs in Edinburgh.

They have featured tracks on BBC Introducing North East and received a positive album review in Vive le Rock. In the same year, their song “Step Out of Line” won the Radio Northumberland New Wave with Newman Song of the Year Award.

Upcoming, they will be playing Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival on 4th August, and they have also recently appeared at Kubix Festival in Herrington Park supporting the likes of Squeeze and Heaven 17.

Slalom D continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their distinctive punk sound. As Sunderland experiences a renaissance, Slalom D stands as a testament to the city’s thriving music scene and the remarkable talent it nurtures.

“We’re fiercely proud of being from Sunderland and we will always promote the city wherever we go. For too long, Sunderland has been portrayed as a derelict city full of deprivation and social inequality. Things are changing though; we have a vibrant music scene here and state of the art infrastructure like the new Spire Bridge and the Marina. Sunderland is a very different place to what it was even 20 years ago,” said Fiona.

“We write about things we know and not everything is sugar coated such as our new song “Cat n Dogs” which is about a notorious part of our coastline where animal cruelty took place. Our songs are all based on personal experience such as homelessness, the effect of the cost-of-living crisis on older people, and other contemporary social issues. We’re proud to be able to give a voice to subjects that perhaps aren’t the usual song material and we’ll continue to do so.”

The new album “Waltz into Anarchy, “marks a new period in the band’s timeline. With the support of their record label Serial Bowl records, an ever-growing fanbase, bigger gigs and the addition of more quality songs, the future looks good for Slalom D. Cheers!

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