An independently owned insurance broking group has taken their business to Sunderland and reached new heights, expanding their workforce in the area.

iRevolution Group has accumulated various other growing businesses, and has shared this success in Sunderland, as they continue helping their clients.

The group has operated out of Sunderland since February 2020, and the number of employees in the area has already doubled.

The group works from a building that is home to three of their three offices.

Stationed in the Hylton Park area of Sunderland, near the Retail Park, Mark Rigby at iRevolution’s shared more details: “Our first business in Sunderland is PolicyLink and we have changed many of their processes since then, including bringing them onto the same dialler solution we use which has seen some very positive moves. 

“Since then we have also set up 1st UK Commercial in Sunderland, a commercial insurance brokerage, as well as Utilink Consulting.

“So it’s not that we chose Sunderland, it’s more like Sunderland chose us, as the senior members of the teams that run our other businesses live in the area.”

Since setting up these businesses in Sunderland, iRevolution Group has seen team sizes consistently increase, and believe things are looking promising for future growth.

Utilink is looking to double its workforce by the end of the year, and 1st UK Commercial has increased to nine people, from five last year.

Meanwhile, PolicyLink is on 29 staff and started with 11 when they joined the Group, and are looking to increase these numbers with new starters confirmed for June and July.

Rigby added: “Policy Link and 1st UK Commercial were to help us meet our strategic goals, whereas Utilink was an opportunity that arose that we decided to take. Of course, it’s in the first month of trading so that will grow in time but has started with 5 staff.

“We are looking to expand our teams based in Sunderland, and we are keen on growing and investing in the existing businesses. We think they have a lot of potential.”

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