The University of Sunderland has hosted its first Global Education Forum in which senior academics joined together to support their students across the world.

The computer screen forum provides international contact for students and academic staff at campuses in Sunderland, London, Hong Kong, and Transnational Education Centres (TNE) overseas. Students and professors will video conference in the lockdown world about their degree programmes, and study tips.

Profs Donna Chambers, Catherine Hayes, Amal Elkordy. John Unsworth, and Derek Watson, fielded questions for one whole hour about writing assignments and home working.

The technical support provided by the University’s Centre for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), alongside Marketing teams and Sunderland’s International Office, will now operate this home-based learning forum each month, sourcing different experts from the University’s three campuses.

Prof Watson said: “’The Global Education Forum did not just illustrate how we can utilise our technology to inform our student learning, but it also demonstrates how we can effectively draw on expertise across the University.

“The combination of senior academics, CELT technical services and the professionalism of our International Office and marketing team provides another example of our engaged University culture. The feedback was very positive, and we are looking forward to delivering the forum each month and beyond the challenges of Covid-19.”

There’s more important work taking places to support our overseas partners and students, during these unprecedented times. Prof Watson is to deliver a webinar to Malaysian business leaders to advise them on how to revise their business models in response to Covid-19.

The event has been organised by our TNE partner college SEGi, in Kuala Lumpar, and so far has more than 2,000 registrations. Students have been invited, and all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance on behalf of SEGi University & Colleges, and our University, signed by Dean Lawrence Bellamy.

Prof John MacIntyre said  “The University of Sunderland is a global institution, with students from more than 90 countries studying at our campuses in Sunderland, London and Hong Kong, and with thousands of students studying through our international partnerships in 17 countries.

“We are deeply committed to the positive impact that education makes to our students, changing their lives, and also to global society.”

“The Global Education Forum is an excellent example of that commitment, under the outstanding leadership of Professor Derek Watson, and with contributions from a range of colleagues across the University. I believe the Forum is a great way for sharing ideas and developments with students and partners around the world, including how our University and the global higher education sector is responding to the challenges of COVID-19.”

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