Sunderland City Council is inviting residents to give feedback on proposals for a new two-way segregated cycle lane along the A183 Whitburn Road.

If it goes ahead, the project will use existing space to separate pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, while maintaining the two-way flow of traffic along the seafront.

The council has secured funding from the Department for Transport to improve the cycling facilities along the A183 Whitburn Road, which will be used to deliver the scheme.

Separating cyclists and pedestrians and installing a number of new pedestrian crossings will enable more people to safely access key recreational hotspots like Roker Park and Cliff Park and help more visitors enjoy the city’s natural assets like Roker and Seaburn beaches.

The proposals are in line with the city council’s commitment to creating a dynamic, healthy, and vibrant city, promoting the use of alternative, sustainable modes of transport and healthy living.

Encouraging cycling instead of driving is another step towards cutting Sunderland’s carbon emissions, as the council and partners are committed to making the city carbon neutral by 2040.

Councillor Claire Rowntree, Deputy Leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “Cycling is a fantastic, sustainable and healthy way to get around. As we continue to invest in the city, upgrading and improving the cycling route and crossings along Whitburn Road would improve safety, encourage more people to visit the seafront, and promote cycling for both transport and leisure.

“We’d encourage everyone who is interested to find out more about the scheme by viewing the proposals online, and we are interested to hear residents’ feedback.”

Following consultation, the scheme will be scheduled to commence in Autumn 2021 after the school summer holidays and would be complete by Spring 2022.

Residents can view the proposals and have their say at

Any comments should be made by 30th July 2021.

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