Now is the time to introduce a long-term, sustainable plan to raise the base level of hygiene in schools and public spaces to help protect against all viruses including Covid-19, says Bromoco International, makers of TOUCH Antimicrobial coating.

Before the lockdown, the rise of positive cases was a strong indicator that existing preventative measures were not sufficient to prevent Covid-19’s spread.  However, there is a layer of defence that has been underutilised here in the UK that can protect against Coronavirus and most other bacterial and viral threats. For a cost of less than £10 per child, this scientifically proven coating works like a permanent disinfectant, 24 hours a day for up to 5 years, raising the base level of protection against contamination and strengthening the effectiveness of the hygiene measures already implemented.

Developed in the UK in 2013, TOUCH Antimicrobial is the world’s only permanent, retrofit, hard film, crystal clear coating that provides protection against enveloped viruses & bacteria including Covid-19 (as well as SARS-CoV-2 and MSRA) for all hard surfaces. It is already being used effectively in many institutions and organisations throughout the UK, including our high-security government buildings, while businesses and factories are also applying the product to help protect their employees. Several school boards across multiple states in the US have also already approved the application of TOUCH in their classrooms.

TOUCH is an easy to apply coating which dries to form a permanent, invisible layer of protection, creating an environment where pathogens cannot survive. It works by incorporating silver ions and sealing them onto the surface of the material treated, which disrupts the protective outer layer of the microbe so it cannot survive on contact with the coating

Laboratory tests and real-life studies on products protected with silver ion coatings, such as TOUCH Antimicrobial, prove that 80% of microbes are eradicated within 15 minutes, 90% die within 1 hour of landing on the treated surface and up to 99.99% are gone within 2 hours. Every minute that passes, the chances of cross-contamination reduces.

Independent accreditations support the company’s claims. Claire Kirby, Director at Innovation Hygiene Consultancy commented: “The science behind the technology in TOUCH Antimicrobial is well known and has decades of research to support it. Its effectiveness against enveloped viruses is perfect for protection against COVID-19 and Bromoco International has managed to develop this technology into a retrofit coating that is permanent, hardwearing and crystal clear that will last up to 5 years. Something no one else has been able to achieve.” 

Kirby continued: “TOUCH Antimicrobial is head and shoulders above anything else currently available and offers the longest and strongest protection against COVID-19. No more finger-prints, no more bacteria or viruses… SIMPLE!”

Antimicrobial coatings are not new – metal ion technology dates back as far as 2200 BC with the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans being found to have used copper and silver for their antimicrobial properties. They were used to purify water and to create antiseptic balms. Fast-forward to today and Bromoco International has harnessed these properties in their TOUCH product, developed by a team of biochemists who are leading professionals in the field of anti-microbial technology. The coating is easy to apply and can be retrofitted to most surfaces.

The team at Bromoco is dedicated to increasing awareness of and speeding the uptake of microbe-preventative technology across all communities.

Tony Semple, Technical Director at Bromoco International, commented: “TOUCH Antimicrobial coating is not the whole solution, but it is a major piece of the puzzle of ensuring schools and other public spaces and places of work have a solid, hygienically clean base level to support the existing cleaning regimes.  Knowing that all surfaces in these buildings are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect everyone from getting ill will make it much easier to keep the country open and moving forwards. We believe the application of this extra layer of hygiene and raising the base level of protection really is a no-brainer.”
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