New data shows the North East has has one of the lowest rental price increases in the UK.

The North East saw just a 1.3% uplift in rental prices over a 12 month period.

This was closely followed by South East (1.3% increase), Yorkshire (1.7% increase) and East of England (1.7% increase)

Landlord Buyers Managing Director, Jason Harris-Cohen, said:

“Rental prices will always rise where there are more tenants than available properties. The supply and demand relationship is still prevalent.

In our years of experiences working within and analyzing the market, the UK rental market is continuing to see strong demand at present and showing very little signs of slowing down.

The statistics suggest that even as a semblance of normal life resumes, we’ll keep the same pace in the private rental sector. We predict private rents will continue to rise year-on-year.”

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