The Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) for Cumbria, Durham and Sunderland Adopt Coast to Coast welcomes a new government Adoption Strategy which will see £48million invested in adoption services.

The Adoption Strategy aims to improve adoption services, help find forever homes for more children across England and end the ‘postcode lottery’ which can mean that the quality of adoption services depends on where a child or adopter lives.  The strategy also aims to dismiss any misconceptions surrounding who can adopt and will support the recruitment of prospective adopters for harder to place children including older children, siblings, ethnic minorities, and those which special educational needs.

Adopt Coast to Coast is the most recent RAA to launch and represents Cumbria County Council, Durham County Council and Together for Children (Sunderland City Council).  As the 31st and most recent RAA to launch, Adopt Coast to Coast welcomes this new approach, which will support its work.

Paula Gibbons Head of Service for Adopt Coast to Coast said: “We’ve had a fantastic response from those seeking to adopt since our launch in April and we welcome any initiative which will help establish excellence across England for adopters at all stages of their adoption journey. We recognise that making that first contact can be very daunting, so it is essential that all enquirers receive the same quality of response which is high level, appropriate and timely.  As Regional Adoption Agencies, like Adopt Coast to Coast become fully embedded and work more closely together at a strategic level, the Adoption Strategy can only support the development of adoption practice which benefits adopted families and most importantly the children and babies in care.”

The Adoption Strategy aims to improve adoption services across England by removing any unnecessary delays and improving approval process through a new framework of national standards.  The initiative will mean that no matter where a child or adopter lives, appropriate support can be delivered swiftly and effectively to improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

Adopt Coast to Coast is the most recent RAA to officially launch on 1st April 2021 and the partnership enables the three local authorities to work together to speed up the adoption process.  As babies and children in their care can be matched with prospective adopters from a wider geographical pool the process is quicker.  Adopt Coast to Coast is responsible for supporting the services provided by each partner and for the recruitment of prospective adopters. By sharing resources and knowledge the service can also offer greater support and a more responsive service both during the adoption process and once a new family is formed.

Find out more about adopting with Adopt Coast to Coast at or by calling on 03000 268 268.

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