QUIZZERS from around the world can take part in a first-of-its-kind quiz night at a medieval North East castle next month (March).

On Saturday 19 March, Lumley Castle Hotel, at Chester-le-Street, will give away a bumper £1200 prize package to the winner of its quiz.

And, because the event is being run on a cloud-based platform – players can join in from anywhere in the world.

The Lumley Castle Quiz is the brainchild of general manager Gordon Cartwright and players can opt to either take part in the event at the castle – where their ticket includes dinner at the four-star hotel – or remotely via a mobile or tablet.

Lumley Castle Exterior Day
Gordon Cartwright

Whichever they choose, the main prize of the night is The Lumley Experience valued at £1200 and comprising two nights dinner, bed and breakfast in the King James Suite, a helicopter tour of the North East, Champagne Afternoon Tea for two and a host of other treats and goodies.

Players opting to take part at the hotel will be able to view a giant LCD screen linked to the central quiz server, which will showcase the trend of answers and provide lllive updates on play.

Meanwhile players taking part remotely – and there could be upwards of 4500 – will be sent an access code on the day of the quiz to enable them to take part.

However, the winner won’t just be the player with the most correct answers at the end of the game.

Winning is also based on how fast players answer the questions with 10 seconds allotted for each answer – so, after 90 minutes of play, winning could come down to 100th of a second.

Spot prizes will be on offer throughout the evening as organisers Spin the Wheel 10 times to give random players the chance to win Lumley-based treats – from dinner for two in its Knights restaurant to tickets to its on-site Escape Room.

“By designing our own quiz platform for mobile devices we’ve created an event which up to 5000 members of the public can take part in, from anywhere in the world,” said Gordon Cartwright.

“And, because we’ve placed a cap on the number of people who can take part, the odds of winning are good.”

Players can either book to dine at Lumley and take part in the quiz at the Castle for £29.50, or log in remotely for £3.50.

Dinner for the quiz is served at 7pm with the big quiz starting at 9.30pm and a donation from every ticket sold will be made to Sunderland children’s charity Hope 4 Kidz.

The quiz is managed on a brand-new cloud platform and so everyone who participates must have a well-charged internet-enabled device on which to play.

For further information visit www.lumleycastle.com

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