Local Businesses Invited to Work Alongside Sunderland City Council

A helicopter flying over the sea towards a lighthouse, above a crowd of people.

200 people from over 150 local businesses have attended an event to learn more about how they can work alongside Sunderland City Council.

The council’s Meet the Buyer event, held at the National Glass Centre earlier this month, showcased opportunities for local businesses to get involved with some of the north east’s highest profile events.

These events include the Sunderland International Air Show, Sunderland Illuminations, and The Tall Ships Race 2018.

Councillor John Kelly, Sunderland City Council’s portfolio holder for public health, welfare and culture, said, “Sunderland has a well-deserved reputation for hosting a fantastic range of events. Each year city events attract over a million visitors and contribute an estimated £15 million to our city’s economy.”

“The council is very keen to build on its existing relationships with contractors, and also to encourage new businesses to work with us.”

“It was fantastic to see so many local businesses coming along to find out more. I hope that as many of them as possible take advantage of the opportunities that we are making available.”

The business people who attended Meet the Buyer learned more about procurement opportunities to support upcoming events, along with how to become a supplier to Sunderland City Council.

They were also given details concerning plans for The Tall Ships Race 2018 in Sunderland.

Representatives from Sunderland City Council, such as procurement officers and service managers, were available to answer any questions and provide information.

Presentations gave details about how businesses can register with the council via the Buy Sunderland First scheme.

Laura English, an account manager at Sitelink Communications Ltd, said, “I found the event very interesting and informative.”

“There are some fantastic events planned for Sunderland over the next few years and we at Sitelink hope to be part of them.”

“It is great to see an event like this where everybody was invited to come along and find out more. I wholeheartedly encourage businesses to register for the Buy Sunderland First scheme.”

“I also urge any local companies to make the most of the great opportunities to be involved in major regional events that show their work and the city to the widest of audiences.”

Local businesses can find out more about working with the council by visiting www.buysunderlandfirst.co.uk.

Tall Ships SunderlandThe Tall Ships Race 2018 in Sunderland

Sunderland will be the starting point for The Tall Ships Race 2018. The city will welcome around 80 vessels with 3000 crew from over 15 countries. Between 900,000 and 1.5 million spectators are expected to visit Sunderland during the four-day event, which is predicted to generate between £21 and £28 million for the local economy.

The many business opportunities available include on-board corporate events, receptions and sponsor hospitality opportunities.

Sunderland Illuminations

The Sunderland Illuminations see special lighting features and motifs festooning the seafront. In 2016, 210,000 people attended this event, spending an estimate £1.96 million.

Sunderland International Airshow

Sunderland Air ShowThis three-day event, held annually in July, stretches for 1.5 miles along the Roker and Seaburn seafronts. It includes military displays and exhibitions, trade exhibitions, and fairgrounds. The flying programme will feature the Red Arrows and other military aircraft, civilian aircraft and parachute displays.

Between 800,000 and one million visitors are expected. The Sunderland International Airshow gives the local economy a boost of between £12 and £14 million each year.

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