At the University of Sunderland’s St Mary’s Childcare Centre, even three-year-old children eagerly donned traditional gowns to receive their scrolls.

Assisting in the distribution of graduation certificates was the esteemed University Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Sir David Bell.

Throughout the morning, these young ones delighted the audience with their melodious songs and captivating demonstrations of the skills they had acquired during their stay at the nursery. Their talents even extended to a charming French song. Finally, each child was bestowed with a certificate and a cherished teddy bear as mementoes of their achievements.

Jen Boyce, Deputy Childcare Manager at the Nursery, said: “Our Ladybird Graduation has been a great success, both the children and their families have had a fantastic time celebrating.

‘We are very proud of the children and everything that they have achieved. Everyone at St Mary’s Childcare Centre would like to wish the children every success and happiness in their next adventure.”

Sir David Bell said: “While currently a vice-chancellor, I never forget that my first leadership role was as a primary school headteacher. So, I am well used to little people sitting at my feet during a school assembly, only to realise that they are slowly undoing my shoelaces.

“I am pleased to say that here was none of that on the morning I attended the mini-graduations at the University’s nursery this morning. The children looked wonderful and behaved impeccably so I look forward to welcoming them to the University at some point in the future – although I do realise that I will be President Biden’s age then!”

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