SUNDERLAND’S DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH is urging residents to continue being cautious to allow everyone to live safely alongside Covid following changes to the national guidance.

In her latest video to residents, Gerry said: “This week we see a change to national guidance around Covid 19 and you will no doubt have heard lots about living with Covid. As we move to this new phase, I wanted to update you on the latest information we have about Covid in our city and talk about the steps we can all take to help us live safely with Covid and what that means for us in Sunderland.

“Covid has impacted all of our lives for the past two years and as we enter a third year, it is clear that the virus will be with us for some time to come.

“The good news is that locally cases are starting to fall, however we are continuing to see very high levels of infections across the city.

“Thankfully, with omicron, the severity of the virus seems to have lessened but we know it spreads much more easily and no one can accurately predict what the coming months will bring.

City of Sunderland Council’s Director of Public Health Gerry Taylor.

“That’s why it is important that we all continue to take the everyday precautions that will allow us to live alongside Covid and keep life moving.

“That means keeping up-to-date with Covid vaccinations, following the guidance on testing and self-isolating, washing our hands, letting fresh air into indoor places, and wearing a face covering in busy or enclosed spaces or when meeting with people who we do not normally mix with.

“Face coverings may no longer be mandatory from 27 January but we are still encouraged to use them because we know that choosing to cover your face when you’re inside in a public place can help prevent the virus spreading so easily.

“Covid is still here and it is not going anywhere anytime soon but by continuing to work together we can protect ourselves, friends, family and community and move towards living safely with Covid.

“Thank you once again for all you continue to do to take care of each other.”

Gerry’s video is available to view here

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