Don’t Let The Pandemic Stop You From Having A Special Valentine’s Day With Your Loved One

Don't Let The Pandemic Stop You From Having A Special Valentine's Day With Your Loved One
Valentines Strut Card

Absence might supposedly make the heart grow fonder – but that’s not much comfort for couples spending the most romantic day of the year apart.

Valentine’s Day celebrations will undoubtedly be out of the window, as those who don’t live together or who are distanced from each other won’t be able to enjoy meeting up.

But online upload and print platform Where The Trade Buys are helping separated lovers go one better than bridging the gap with a simple card this year, by sending a miniature version of themselves to their loved ones.

The full-body cutouts, which are around 30cm high, also include space to add a personalised message, so couples can let each other know how much they care despite being not being able to spend the day together.

And while traditionally Valentine’s cards go-to partners, they would also be an option for a parent, child, or friend who wanted to let loved ones know they were thinking of them.

Gary Peeling, CEO of Where The Trade Buys believes the cutouts are a fun alternative to meeting up while Government restrictions are still in place.

“As we will still be in lockdown on 14 February, the normal Valentine’s Day celebrations are going to be on hold,” said Gary Peeling, CEO of Where The Trade Buys.

“We designed the miniature cutouts with this in mind, so separated couples, friends and families can still have a little part of their other half with them for the occasion.

“We hope they’ll be a fun alternative for those who aren’t able to see their loved ones this year, with the personalised message adding an extra special touch.”

The miniature cutouts cost £12.50 each and are available at

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