BLM UK is a Marxist Organisation that is being used to divide the common people and disrupt British society in the interests of the political and financial Globalist “elites”.

In part one, I introduced a swath of black voices speaking out against BLM and BLM UK, henceforth Bleem and Bleemuk, as well as their underlying claims about the situation of black people in America, Canada, and the UK, most of which are deceptions of staggering chutzpah.

These posts are not really addressed to the Bleemuk organisation, that would probably be a waste of energy: they are rolling in big corporate money as we speak, and have a lot to lose by coming clean.

They are addressed to the well-meaning people who have been duped by the slogan “Black Lives Matter” into thinking that Bleemuk has anything whatsoever to do with helping black people in general, or bringing about positive social change. I will try to make the case that Bleemuk has nothing to do with a grassroots movement of black people seeking to improve their world. Rather, like any Marxist movement, it is a top-down operation against the average person, black and white, to make us tear apart our society and impoverish ourselves for the benefit of powerful people.

I know it is hard to accept that you have been duped. I am not insulting anyone’s intelligence or motives. You were not duped easily. This has been a long term propaganda operation, and you were duped precisely because of the goodness in your heart.

In future posts, we will address several core hypocrisies of Bleemuk, such as their negative stance on fatherhood, their near-silence on the real issues facing black people in Western countries and in Africa (spoiler: it’s not racism), their own racist doctrines of eternal grievance between the historically meaningless, global categories of “black people” against “white people”, their ideologically absurd alliance with Muslims in the UK, and their goal of pushing a feminist, LGBT agenda on socially conservative black people by making political capital out of the deaths of the very same heterosexual black men that Bleem wants to devalue in black families. As you can see, plenty of black people don’t want any of that, thank you kindly:


In this post, we will strike at the head of the beast, so to speak. Bleem and Bleemuk are open activists for the most murderous, destructive and oppressive ideology in history: Marxism, which spawned the nightmare of Communism.


Communism has caused the untimely, often horrific, deaths of an estimated 149,500,000 human beings, outside of warfare, in the 20th century. The majority of them were non-whites. Marxism promoted violence from its inception. In an 1848 article, Marx wrote:

“there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror”

In this context, Britain is the “old society”, and “revolutionary terror” is a somewhat nice way of saying mass murder, imprisonment, physical violations of all kinds, and the theft or destruction of property and businesses.

It appears that Marx believed that revolutionary terror would be a short, transitional period of hell on Earth, but as we all know, and to no one’s great surprise, that’s not how it turned out. For a detailed history of decades of Communist torture and slaughter in Russia and Soviet occupied countries, you can turn to the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, which is available in full as an audiobook on YouTube.
I warn you, it is not for the faint-hearted, but if you support Marxist revolutionaries, then it is your moral duty to know what will actually happen if they take power.

As you can see, it’s a hefty tome, so you can get a short synopsis here:


Marxist ideologies have been an utter disaster in Africa as well. The worst example is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, whose socialist dictatorship turned the former Rhodesia from the prosperous, peaceful “bread basket of Africa” to a ruined country with widespread malnutrition and tribal conflict, relying on international aid to survive.

Bleem and Bleemuk apply today’s standards around what is and isn’t racist to people living long ago, when attitudes to many things in society were different. By this method, they can justify the destruction of British historical artefacts, condemn all of British history (apart from the inconvenient bit where our ancestors fought to end slavery around the world), and by extension, all the patriotic native peoples of these Isles living today.
In the spirit of fairness, we should apply Bleemuk’s standards to Marx. By their own reasoning, Marx was a racist. And by anyone’s standards, even of his time, he was an abuser of vulnerable women: not an obvious choice for a feminist movement’s intellectual figurehead. I also don’t need to spell out what “revolutionary terror” means for the women who are victims of it: it’s not exactly feminist.

People Who Have Lived Through Them Draw Clear Comparisons Between Bleem and the “Colour Revolutions” That Ruined Syria and Ukraine

Colour revolutions are a fascinating subject to study, but not something you want to live through.

An appeal to people of any colour who think “I’m fine, I’m on the Bleemuk team, so if they gain power, I’ll be laughing.”


This is a quote from Marx’s address to the Communist League in 1850.

“From the first moment of victory, we must no longer direct our distrust against the beaten reactionary enemy, but against our former allies (i.e., democratic forces).”

This has been the pattern of Communist revolutions everywhere. As soon as they gain power, their first order of business is to purge (meaning to kill or imprison) the poor dupes (a.k.a. ‘allies’) who fought to help them gain power.

The plans to use Black people in Western countries as disposable Marxist proxy warriors are nothing new


The Communist term for people who supported their revolution is “useful idiots”. Yuri Bezmenov explains more here:


I can’t tell you what to think, but I am urging you to think. If you don’t know much about the history of Marxism and Communism, then you should not support an openly Marxist organisation without seriously doing your homework.

Do you really want to get into bed with this guy?

I hope you will join the swelling group of people who reject Marxism in all its forms, and who are seeing past the social-media facade of Bleemuk to the globalist puppet masters behind them, who are literally banking on us killing each other for their entertainment and profit.

See Part Three of defusing Black Lives Matter here.

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