Sunderland’s city centre drivers are reminded of slow-moving traffic as a further six ‘abnormal loads’ – some nearly 30 metres (100ft) long – will be moving to the Port of Sunderland on Tuesday.

Six loads are scheduled to leave the Deptford site of crane manufacturer Liebherr and travel towards the port at 9.30am on Tuesday 4 May.

The loads, measuring between 27m and 29m long (95ft) will travel along Farringdon Road, A1231 Silksworth Row, St Marys Boulevard, A1018 West Wear Street and High Street East before arriving at the Port of Sunderland.

They will depart throughout the day starting from 9.30am, avoiding peak travel times.

Executive Director of City Development at Sunderland City Council, Peter McIntyre said: “While there could be some delays and inconvenience to highway users, please remember that these are goods for export which have been manufactured here Sunderland and are now being exported through our port to their new homes. We appreciate motorists’ patience as these goods make their way to the port.

“Highways staff and contractors on the SSTC3 project have worked very closely with the police and Liebherr on ensuring that these large loads are transported safely and conveniently to the Port of Sunderland.

“Staff at the port have also worked closely on this important shipping movement which are a very large physical example of products that have been Made in Sunderland.”

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