With all the distraction in the media over a spot of the flu and “mostly peaceful” Marxist race-riots in Western cities, it’s easy to forget about the Epstein case, which could expose swathes of the world’s richest, most powerful, and most famous people as prolific child abusers.

After Jeffrey Epstein (allegedly) killed himself in highly unlikely circumstances, a wave of disappointment swept the world as it seemed that justice may never be served on him and the powerful people who (allegedly) may have been party to his crimes, who include Bill Gates, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Alan “My Wife Came Too” Dershowitz, Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman, former Harvard president Larry Summers, and our very own Prince “No Sweat” Andrew.

Ghislaine Maxwell, heiress and daughter of infamous billionaire criminal Robert Maxwell, was (allegedly) a top henchman in Epstein’s (alleged) “human traffickers to the stars” operation. She has now been nabbed by the FBI, and people around the world are waiting to see if she dies in mysterious circumstances, gets off somehow, or if she will bring down the whole rotten lot of them with her. Will Epstein’s (alleged) clients face the investigations that all the friends of Jimmy Savile escaped?

As always, Shaun Attwood has his informed commentary on these events.


All legal claims in this article are “alleged”, wink wink, know what I mean?

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