Having a newborn baby can make it extremely challenging for mums to find the time and energy to workout. But if you’re really determined to get your pre-baby body back, you need to be resourceful. There are plenty of ways to get back in shape after giving birth and most of them won’t require you to go to the gym. Apart from getting in shape, postpartum exercises can also help improve your strength and stamina as well as boost your mood and energy levels. These are some of the most practical fitness tips that you can try:

Do pelvic floor exercises

Baby Centre explains that pelvic floor exercises, or Kegels, can help your body heal faster after giving birth. The exercise improves blood circulation, which in turn helps reduce swelling and bruising in that area. Don’t worry if you have stitches, Kegels won’t put any strain on them. Pelvic floor exercises can also be done anywhere you are —perfect if you don’t have time for a full exercise routine.

Walk with your children

Taking your children outside is an effective form of exercise. Parents.com suggests speed walking with a pushchair as you can burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes. The good news is that you don’t have to exercise for long – three 10-minute walks are just as effective as a single half hour period. The more children you have the harder the workout. If you have twins, or two children that are a similar age, make sure you get a pushchair that is convenient to both your parenting and fitness needs. The collection of double pushchairs on iCandy show that tandem pushchairs are the same width with as single models, which allow for greater manoeuvrability when outdoors. This will make speed walking along pavements more convenient, as it will be much easier to pass slower walkers. Having twins or more than one baby can be a real handful at home, but in terms of outdoor fitness they could be the key to getting back into shape much faster.

Try post-natal yoga

If you don’t feel like you have time for a walk around the park, you can simply do yoga at home while your baby naps. Women’s Health Magazine points out that it’s a great way to rebuild your core strength and improve your flexibility—two things that might just come in handy when your children reach the “Terrible Twos”. You can do it for as long as 30 minutes a day or as quick as 15 minutes, depending on the nap schedule of your little ones.

Play with your baby

If you think this sounds unlikely, consider that crawling was the fitness trend of 2017. The best thing about this is that you’re spending quality time with your children, while at the same time getting some quality exercise done.

Small Habits

Health lecturer Morc Coulson believes that making small changes to your daily routine is the secret to getting healthier. This is especially true if you are a new mum who wants their pre-baby body back. Everything that you do can be an opportunity for you to get some physical exercise. It is just about having the right attitude and mindset.

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